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and outsourcing services of
the highest quality.

Modern business requires innovative approaches. Yesterday's solutions are no longer working.
Our company consists of passionate, experienced developers working with the leading-edge technologies. We are ready to become your reliable technical partner, turning yesterday's fiction into today's reality.

Our services

Full stack web and start-up development

We will turn your idea from ​​a sketch or a simple description to the UX-prototypes and then to a major cross platform application, ready for high loads.

Business applications development, CRM and intranet-systems development

We create solutions for business automation: CRM systems development, electronic document flow systems and intranet applications. Our solutions work successfully and make our customers’ business effective.

Back-end development for mobile and web-application

We are ready to become a partner in creation of a server side for iOS / Android / JavaScript applications. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing of a RESTful API services.

Technology profile

PHP MySQL Redis PostgreSQL
Laravel Magento Elasticsearch Redis Amazon Web Services
jQuery Sass HTML5 CSS3